Lockdown Walk

Lockdown Walk

After many weeks confined largely to the house, a good walk around my immediate locality has been a welcome relief. And, I had my camera with me 🙂 – my Pentax K-5, converted to Infrared (720nm). I was on my own so I could go wherever I reasonably wanted and I had the time to take as long as I needed.

I often wonder if it’s better to go shooting with a photographer friend or alone. Certainly, shooting with a friend is more socially enjoyable and sometimes can be stimulating and educational. On the other hand, this can involve compromising on locations and time spent. I suppose I am happy to do both – it’s just nice to be out with the camera, one way or the other.  

The area I was walking in has a lot of telegraph poles (and wires) and electricity pylons (and cables). It is hard to find a composition where they are not present. They say that you should work with what’s in the landscape in front of you, rather than against it and this is what I found my doing, almost subconsciously. For the first time in a while, things seemed to fall into place easily.

This is one my favourite images from the day – you can find some of the other images in my latest gallery here.

Tree lined path

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