Crackpot Falls

On 23 April I ventured over to Yorkshire towards Reeth in Swaledale to photograph Crackpot Falls. I’d previously tried to photograph them last August but, although I got quite close to them, I didn’t actually manage to find them and returned home unfulfilled.

This time, thanks to some precise directions kindly provided by local photographer Sandi Cockayne, I had no trouble at all in finding the location and, as soon as I stopped, I could hear I was in the right place and I was not disappointed.

Photographs of waterfalls are all about the water right? Well obviously the water is the most important element and I’m told that, when full, the falls at Crackpot are quite something – and the noise is something else.

A photograph of “full” falls does become mostly about the water because whatever is behind the water is largely obscured, and depending on how the photographer chooses the camera shutter speed to get the desired amount of blur in the water.

On this occasion the falls were not full and parts of the rock face behind the water are revealed. It’s an effect I like. In fact of all the images I’ve taken recently, this is my favourite and here it is:

Craclpot Falls

Crackpot Falls near Reeth in Swaledale, North Yorkshire


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