It’s hard to believe that almost 10 months have passed since I last put pen to paper (so to speak), but it is and here I am near the end of another year – another year older and, like many others, I wonder where the time has gone. Sadly, like the others. I don’t have a proper answer.

It has been another busy year – but not photographically.

For some time, I have been searching for a way to improve my photography to make it more satisfying and fulfilling and I hope you will be pleased to learn that I think I have made some progress. I now have an understanding of the way forward (I’m not going to say too much about that, it will become apparent as I produce more images) and I think I’ve taken the first step, even if the opportunity which presented itself a week or so ago  was not planned to be like that. 

In December 2016, on my birthday, I was lucky enough to have a day out in the Lake District, including a visit to Crummock Water and one of my favourite pubs – the Kirkstile Inn at Loweswater. This year, the exercise was repeated with a visit to Buttermere and the Kirkstile Inn. On both occasions, I had a wonderful time – in a special place with special people.

This year, as we drove up the M6, it was gloomy and misty with lots of spray coming up from traffic – and I thought I hope it’s like this in Buttermere! Imagine my disappointment as we drove along the A66 towards Keswick and the sky cleared and the sun came out. However, as we approached Buttermere, the mist and gloom returned and my spirits rose. 🙂

So there I am at midday on nearly the shortest day of the year walking towards the bottom end of Buttermere, with the famous tree awaiting my arrival, thinking “there’s no light” – so I’ll take a few pics but they won’t be any good. Well, not for the first time, I was wrong.

I have about a dozen images which are all different, but also quite similar. I’m not going to show them all here but they do make a great slide show – at least I think they do, and I don’t have this feeling about most of the images I take.

So here are a couple of images of the famous Buttermere tree – but with the mist obscuring the usual background (Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks) and this makes for a different image. The obscured background invites an alternative composition.

I hope you like them.

Buttermere Tree in Mist

Buttermere Tree in Mist

Buttermere Tree in Mist

Buttermere Tree in Mist





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