Blades for Mountmaster Cutters

*** Please note that, as of January 2018, I have no blades in stock and no immediate plans to order any. If you do require some blades, I will be able obtain them, but there could be a delay of up to 3 months before I will receive them. ***

I have a Mountmaster mount cutter and, after a long search, I have found a supply of replacement blades. So if you are in need of some blades, similar to MM-1, you can get some by using the contact page to let me know what you need – but please read the full text of this post before you do.

Please note that it is a legal requirement that you must be at least 18 years old to buy blades.


The blades I have are not exactly the same as the MM-1 blades previously supplied by Mountmaster. Those were ground on one side only (the front) whereas the ones I have are ground on both sides – by this I mean front and back, not top and bottom. (Note: this does mean that, when one end is no longer sharp enough, you can use the other end.)

Prices are as follows: (including p&p to the UK only):

10 blades for £7
20 blades for £12
30 blades for £17

The blade is single-sided, slotted and measures 57 mm wide and 19 mm deep and ground front and back. Please use the CONTACT page to advise your requirements or request further information.

Blades are supplied loose in thin paper folders.

Number of Blades in Stock as at 02 May 2018: None – awaiting further supply – but they are not likely to be available before January.


** Please note that there is another design of Mountmaster Cutter (see image just below) out there for which these blades (similar to MM-1) are not suitable.

Alt Cutter

MM-1 blades are not suitable for this design of cutter

If you have this style of cutter, you might find that Olfa MC-45 blades will do the job. I haven’t got one of these so I can’t say for sure.


Here are some tips to help you obtain a consistent cut from the new blades…
1. If the blade can move within the two guiding (black) pins – try resting the blade on the pin marked A in the picture below.
2. Try loosening the white plastic screw (marked B in the picture below) to allow the blade to move down so that a little more of the blade is made available for cutting. Don’t forget to tighten the white plastic screw before proceeding.
3. Pay a visit to your local hardware shop and ask them to cut a standard bracket to a length so that it can support the blade to prevent bending without interfering with the cut (see C in the picture below) and fitted in the second picture below. OR you could use a spare blade to provide additional support.





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